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I am ready for buying a 2nd bike. I am about a year and a half into riding on my first bike. My bike is a 1st generation r6. It has been good to learn on(I did take riding course) and its a nice bike.

I dont like that its carburated, its old, about time to replace rear shock and refresh forks and there may be a slight oil leak from the cam cover gasket. I have up kept the bike and oiled chained on a regular basis, etc.

Its has been used as my daily rider and I have rode through rain, cold, etc.

I do not like carburated bikes I know now. I want a more modern bike, with newer suspension, features, fuel injection.

The bike is beginning to vibrate lots more now. I didnt notice it too much before unless I wore riding gloves without the padding in the lower palm.

I now feel it more through the handlebars, and foot pegs much more.

What would be good as a daily rider , another 600cc sports bike or 1000cc sports bike?

I am interested in a 1000 because of it having more acceleration with out having to go up to high rpms with the 600 just to get moving at a good pace and having to hold high rpms when going 60-70mph on highway. I want to travel on highway more and actually ride 100 or 200 miles.

Also interesed in a 1000 because I have read somewhere that 1000cc sportbikes dont get as hot around the engine area as 600cc sportbikes and there is not as much vibration. Is this true?

I am not sure about a 1000cc sports bike because Ive have heard and read that they are not as flickable through corners as a 600 and the weight can be a problem.

The bikes I am looking at are the 2018-19 Yamaha r6, 2019 Yamaha r1, Honda 1000rr, and the Ducati 989, I have heard that ducati's get super hot around the seat and legs area.

Which is best to get? How uncomfortable would a 1000cc bike be? The r6 that I have its comfortable. I think the handle bars may be a bit higher than newer r6"s.

What are the pros and cons to having a 1000cc sports bike? I will use it everyday.
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