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Hello guys and gales,*
My name is Glenn, I ride a 2002 Honda VTR1000F. I love this bike, very fun to ride and don't see a lot of them around! I mostly go on rides after work, cuz that's about the easiest time I can get out and about. But always try and get together for a group ride!*
*One thing I have come to find is it's hard to find custom parts and stuff for it. But I have found a good site to get the help I need! And don't worry they have all kinds of hook ups for other bikes as well not just the odd ones!* has been helping me get the custom look I have been after for a while with odds and ends. And has the best vinyl around! They will hook you up with just about anything you can imagine. So do your self a favor and check them out. They have a lot to offer!*

Here is my profile with them if you would like to check up on my progress with the bike.*
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