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I will be buying either a 93 ZX6 or a 98 ZX6 in the next week or so, but I'm a cager for the time being (2002 Sebring LXi)...

I started riding when I was 5 years old, on a little motorbike my dad bought for me at Lowe's :) Little 1.5hp motor, knobby tires... I had a blast... as I grew up I moved up to a YZinger 50, then up to a KDX125... my first "street" bike was more of an enduro type deal, a Kawasaki KE90... kept riding dirtbikes (moved up to a RM125, eventually ending up with a YZ250), but most of my friends moved on to streetbikes, so I joined them.

My first real streetbike was an '81 Yamaha XS400 Special, complete with a Supertrapp megaphone, Barnett clutches, and sprockets front and rear. Thing wouldn't go very fast stock, so I decided to make it a blast getting from 0-60... rode that for a year or so, then moved up to a Seca 550, my first cafe racer. Grew tired of keeping up with my buddies, so I bought an 88 Hurricane 600, which I sold right before I got married in 96... now that I'm single, I'm feeling the urge to start riding again, so here I am.

Hope I can provide some experience and know-how to the true beginners, although my knowledge is a tad rusty at the moment.

Take care,

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