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Just wanted to say hello, im no rider but i plan to own a bike by summer, im ot into flashy stuff, useless parts, flashy paint jobs, (unless you consider flat black flashy)Stunts, acting like and idiot on the road or getting myself killed at 140MPH on a highway...

Now that we are done with what im not into =)

I like building engines going fast on the track, strait lines, twisties, and gettin the a$$ end out as you can see in my signature......

Now that thats out of the way =)

Im a father of 2 sons ones about to pop out and the other is 2, ive been racing Nissans since before i can remember, my pops was a mechanic for datsun when datsun hit the states, i grew up with it, its in my blood.....Ive done what i can with cars and im looking for a new challenge, i work at an un disclosed sportbike parts dept. as a parts counter guy, and figured what the hell....

I dont have that rider spirit yet so try not to bag on me too bad, hey I just got into it =).....

Hope everyone likes me enough to tolerate me.....Im not as hardnosed as my intro seems i just like to get the formallities out of the way and enjoy the rest of my time.....

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