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A buddy of mine went to court today for a reckless driving ticket. He was doing 80 in a 45 mph zone. The judge throw the book at him, gave him 6 mos suspended liscense, $300.00 fine and 30 days in prison suspended. I don't understand this punishment, has anyone else heard of losing your liscense for a over a speeding ticket? By the way he only had one other moving violation in the last year.

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Sounds like an anal judge... I've had a few... not that bad but still anal

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About six years ago I got busted doing 100 in a 55 in my Eagle Talon.

Judge took my license for 30 days, $150 dollar fine + court costs, and gave me a year's worth of weekends in jail. Luckily, I had a good endorsement from my Navy command so I only had to spend one weekend in the drunk tank (a long, funny story unto itself). Jail sucks.

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I got the wreckless driving book thrown at me in 1994. Cop was a hyped up psychotic dick... had no reason to give me wreckless driving.. i fought it in court and unfortunately at the time the City of Phoenix had a "no plea bargaining" policy towards moving violations. After my lawyer and I got done pleading our case in court the judge pretty much said "what you did was not wreckless driving, but it was verdict: wreckless driving <gavel> "

Needless to say it was lame, i got a $350.00 fine, 8 points on license on the spot, (90 day suspension of license), and had to take the $100.00 Defensive driving course which did nothing to remove these "criminal" points. (in addition to the $750.00 i paid my lawyer)

And for those who care, i was commuting to work one morning and the motorcycle cop had to fight his way through traffic to catch me, (over a mile) i never saw him following me until i got to work and parked the bike, he only had me on radar doing 52 in a 35 zone with traffic moving at 49-50, but he swore i was weaving and cutting people off... it was completely assinine... but oh well, i got hosed on that one...

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I guess that I need to consider myself lucky. I have never had a problem taking the defensive drivers course to rid my convictions. :D

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