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Got the wheelie issue figured out!!

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Okay now that I am over the chicken sh!t phase and into the phuck it, go for it phase I have figured out how to get the front tire airborne. THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WANNA KNOW HOW TO GET THE F4 UP- Just get the bike goin, and get to about 6000 rpm's in 1st gear, (can go as low as 4000 but is a little harder to get the front wheel high enough to ride for very long) and pull in the clutch rev it up, let it go and up she comes! I have read that people say that this is an unpredictable method but the F4's power is so smooth that is just comes up and hangs there. Now I just gotta work on shifting! Later on.

Hey baby if you wanna go for a ride on my bike, does that mean I get to take you for a spin later?? :D

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I still say it's better to do the on-off-on approach. Congrats on "getting it up". Just be careful with the way you are going about it. ESPECIALLY if you ever jet the thing, that will change it's characteristics drastically. The first to second gear wheelies will come in time, and that's when you'll be able to do your "mile-long" wheelies. Good luck with learning man, and remember: Loops are only good with the words 'Hula' or 'Fruit' in front of it. :D :D

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Lost to the Blacktop God. 4,699 miles in under 3 mos. $8,300 worth of damage to my one and only baby. On the brighter side: Can you say 929rr???
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