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Got some questions about gearing my F4 (more inside)

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I am interested in more pickup and not as worried about straight line speed. I also want to do this to make it easier to wheelie. I dont care about losing my top speed so what would a good gearing be to go with. Also right now my gearing is stock. Thanks for all the help.


Who needs to go 150 mph's in traffic anywayz??

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2 to 3 more teeth or rear sprocket would be good start. If it is stock, you might have to get whole set to adapt to 520. 1 smaller in front puts more stress on chain, so should be avoided. tell me what the top speed is.



i changed the front sprocket on my F4 to a 15 tooth (1 less than stock). went on within 20 minutes.

same effect as going up 2-3 teeth in the rear but the only thing disadvantage in changing the rear is that a/ more labor b/ since you are moving 2-3 teeth up, you might need a new chain. hence more $$$

it is true that changing the front puts more stress on the chain but it is not like the chain is going to wear out within a few thousand miles. the stock chains these days are pretty damn good for approx 15-20K miles!!

i changed the front coz it was the same effect at a lower cost!! :D :D

'99 F4 (stolen)
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