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just got back from picking up my bike today after work. 300.00 later, i know have a custom map. this runs SOOOOOOO much better than before. dayum, does this run better.

i gave the tuner my 256mb jump drive to save the map and graphs, but he didnt save them. (bastard). i wanted to see what the a/f was across the board. ill call him tomorrow and see if he can email the stuff.

anyway, time to get to the good stuff.

performance mods:
bmc race filters
arata slip-on
gutted air intake
2006 velocity stacks (not blended)
fresh oil/filter change ams oil 20-50
fresh plugs ngk iridiums

base line run: 150.7hp 76.2 tq
finished run: 161.4hp 81.7tq
sae corrected
pc3-custom map 161 hp/81 tq, arata ti oval s/o (crooked), bmc race filters, gutted intake, 06 velocity stacks, moto no-cuts, stomp grips, puig dark smoke db screen, vfx intergrated tail light/turn sig kit, vfx flasher module, mrgrn c/f heel guards, Watsen led flush mounts, painted trim pieces-black- (rear hugger, chain guard, tank sides), pair mod, delrin spools/sliders, ATE super blue racing brake fluids (c/f/r), sportbike creations f/e (modded)
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