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Well I will complete MSF Monday the 8th and get my license on Tuesday.

I have been to a few dealerships including Harley Davidson in Port Huron where I am taking the course. Also I have been to Macomb powersports (macomb kawa, yama..) and K&W Cycle. K&W had little to offer nothing used and could only offer me a new Kawasaki 250 for 4000. Macomb curently had nothing but is getting new stuff and said to call everyonce and a while.

I am in Fraser, Macomb County. I was wondering if there were any good places for used bikes that I have overlooked. By good I mean not marking the used bikes up 2g's over blue book. Also Macomb wanted me to pay for the saftey inspection they do when they buy the bikes in addition to the sticker tax and title.

What I am looking for is a 250-600cc used/new bike, models probably CBR600 Kawasaki 250 or 500. I have 3500 to spend to get started BUT I also need to pay for a year of insurance and any maitnance and the 50 for title and plates. So my price range is somewhere between 3000 high and lower. I need something reliable and that will last me. I want a bike that can take a 500 mile trip without breaking down (shit happens but not do to lack of maitnance and high ware.)

If you think you could point me in a direction or the name of a place please feel free to post.

I get Cycle trader
and have tried online classifieds.

I have found a ninja 500 in cleavland for 3g's but dont really want to go so far if I can find something comprable closer.


Does anyone actually sell at or bellow MSRP?

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