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Hey guys,

I need your advises but let me introduce myself briefly first.
I was riding a Ct70 Minitrail when i was 11-12 years old, but i already knew that the pavement was my thing. So, when i reached 16 years old, the legal age to ride a Motorcycle (not a scooter) i bought myself a old VF500 interceptor 85' and got myself a license. When i was 19, i upgraded to a YZF600 Thundercat 98' and this summer purchased a Cbr954 03'.

I never had the balls to practice stunts with those bikes because i didnt want to hurt them. But now, i still owe all these bikes and my plans were simple:
1- Sell the Yamaha YZF600r 98' for 3000$neg
2- Buy a motor for the VF500 85', and make it rideable (would cost approx. 700$)
3- Learn to stunt with the VF500 85', while my CBR954 stay secure
But then, while the YZF600 was for sale, somebody approached me and wanted to TRADE my YZF for his Honda XR400 1999, which as 1,250kms on it. I would then get rid of the old VF500, and learn to stunt with the XR400.

So to make it simple, i want to ask the pros, is:
- Yamaha YZF600r 1998 @ 38,xxxkm VS
- Honda Xr400 1999 @ 1,250km
A good trade? Will i stay with my money?
Is the xr400 a good bike to learn stunting? is it better than vf500?
To the Owners/ ex-owners, what do you think of the Xr400?


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The VF500 won't be easy to stunt though its a tank and will take your repeated beatings. You might consider offloading both and picking up a 90's bike to stunt, though I can't recommend any specific models since I know little about stunting (but plenty about '84-86 miniceptors).
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