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Fs: 1993 Toyota Mr2 TURBO ~ Awsome~White~ only 79k miles

Fs: ~93 Mr2 Turbo~ White - 79k miles - All Stock- $7900!!!

Hello all, its finally time to release the pictures and new for-sale thread of my 1993 mr2 turbo. I had this car posted for sale a while back, but didnt have pictures yet, and i also thought i had a buyer, so when i got pics, i didnt post them. But things have changed and it need to be put-up again. Here are the Details:

1993 Mr2 Turbo - White

T-Top's, w/shades
New Ct-26 turbo, replaced less than 20k miles ago.
New Clutch, replaced 10-15k miles ago. (Toyota/ Oem)
100% Stock, exept for Viper Alarm.
Very, Very Clean
Blue Interior In great Condition
Oem Stereo
All maintanence done by Toyota
Drives great, no problems
Never been in a wreak, or accident.
Clean Vin #, was car-faxed.
Transmission shifts beautifully.
600 dollars worth of a/c work just done, blows ice cold.
Ony aftermarket add-on = A viper alarm/ keyless entry.
Has been a Florida Car.

Looks amazing in stock form ith 93+ wheels/lip and oem fogs.

Matching Vin #'s all the way around, located on:
All body panels such as: fenders, hood, trunk, doors, rear 1/4 panels. The vin # is also etched into all the windows and t-tops. (Which is an insurance discount)

This car was driven by an elderly man through its life, who thought of it as his "baby". It was never pushed, raced, or modded. This is a virgin stock 93 mr2, in great condition, which is very rare. He always went to toyota, and was never afraid to spend money on it. The only thing mechanically that might need attension is the a/c belt needs to be tightend, it squeeks when you first turn the a/c on. And the speedo reads off a few mph, this is recent though, so im sure it just needs adjustment or something, nothing major.

The exterior is awsome, with great original paint. The minor defects only include: -a small ding on the drives side door (paint un-harmed), -a tiny paint imperfection under the front windshield molding in front of the t-top. Very small, very un-noticable. - A ding on the front pass side fender, very small/unnoticable. All this could be taken care of by a bodyshop for a very small amount of money. But certainly do not upset the cars great condition.

The interior is pretty much perfect. It is blue, and the seats are great. The dash is all stock with a stock radio, the shift knob is still oem as well. The t-top shades have not been lost, and are still there. The only thing on the inside is a part of the dash that is closest to the windshield on the pass side ( by the window defroster vent) that rose up a tiny bit, and just needs to be pushed back down, really not noticable, and not a big problem.

I am an honest guy, i am well-known on the mr2 board. And want this to go to a good home, as it deserves. Its rare to come across such a rare car, in such good condition, and still untouched by the "modders hand."

This car is located in Fort Myers, Florida.

Thank you for your time and interest. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding this wonderfull Mr2.

The price i am asking is $7,900. EMAIL FOR PICTURES

My email address is: [email protected]

Thank you once again, take care.


Dylan Shine / gotime242
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