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I have been thinking alot about what I want in a bike for riding... and I think I'm ready for a change. I have a few bikes in mind but not sure... going to sell my 9R and take that money plus some extra and get some new hottness in the spring. So here's the deal...

Here are a few pics of my bike. It has a rare factory paint. I call it burnt orange but some call it copper or gold. Either way, it's a real eye catcher. It has a nice list of mods and has been rediculously cared for. It has a little road rash mainly on the side panel but nothing major. I hasn't been wheelied or beaten up at the track.

It still is under Kawasaki warrenty till May 2006.

2002 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R
It has been jetted
Micron Titanium Muffler
K&N air filter
Frame,swingarm, and fork sliders
reverse indiglow gauges (white face and blue numbers)
smoked speed screen
solo cowl and passenger seat
Pilot Power Tires
Speedo healer to calib speedometer
Brand New Renthol front and rear sprockets with a DiD
X-ring chain all as a 520 conversion (1 up rear 1 down front)
New fork oil, fork seals and bushing
Clear alternative LED tail light with blinker mod
flush mount LED front blinkers
Aftermarket undertail
aftermarket tire hugger
Stainless steel braided brake lines
Hyper/super white headlights
16,000 miles
Dynoed 135hp at the rear wheel (prior to recent chain mod)

One owner (me), comes with a complete maintance log of everything and pics of all the mods and the project of doing them.

$5500 OBO

Let me know. I promise you'll love it, I know I sure have.

PM me, email me or call me ***-***-****
The bike is located in Grand Blanc but I can help with meeting to see it if you are a serious buyer.


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almighty... that is cause I have my reserve set higher than your bid. But keep on bidding and you'll hit the reserve and we will all be happy...

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hey man,**
Hey I know that 4 wheeler in your avatar.... :twofinger lol

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