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I am looking at this part from you of "--Front tire wobbling everytime the forks come down, or when I go over a bump--" & can only assume this is a 'used' bike. If so then the prior owner might have been monkeying around with the three ways of adjusting the f/forks being Compression, Pre-set, & Rebound.

If so they you will have to set it back to the original settings & might need that to be done at a Honda m/c shop for they do NOT show that in the MOM.

Another thing is the seal of one or both forks might be shot. If you niticed oil or messy bits of dirt at upper & lower level of the one or both fork legs that will tell you. Best to have this done at a m/c shop & best to have BOTH done if only one is gone as the other is about to follow in a few weeks or months. The largest cost is not the second seal, but the HOURS in time.

You might have a bike that has been dropped, by prior owners so that could point to damaged frame at the steering head of somewhere up to the top of the fork crown.

Lastly could be upon tyre wear. Take a look at the central part of the tyre & see it it is 'scalloped" or "lippy". Still I left that to the last as you would notice the front wheel wanting to wobble upon normal riding.

Be nice if you will respond & let us know what WAS the answer for in turn we can relate to that with a similiar question, as yours, only with a more knowledged answer to said problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts