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As someone new to owning a sportsbike (99 zx6r), but having cut their teeth on a smaller one, i have some brief advice for those who want to start on a 600 and wont be disuaded.

Im still VERY much a learner, but I managed to put my first 20,000 ks on without stacking, and these are among the things I found most helpful starting brand new. (but having rode dirtbikes).

1. Find friction point a few times before your first launch. Every bike is different. If you're stalling its probly because you're not smooth on the clutch, not because you need more throttle, my bike dont need much throttle to get a nice smooth take off, it needs smooth application more than anything.

2. Only downchange at very low revs until you learn how to blip the throttle. Better yet, learn to blip on a friends bike or small test bike before buying a supersports. Downchanges on even my old 250 without blipping could result in a grab and flick. Luckily i learnt this on a 250. The guys on here are serious when they say a 600 will spit you right off.

3. Remember set-up, then squeeze the brakes. Grab them and you're gone. DO NOT suddenly grab the brakes.

4. Scan ahead for threats, dont stare at the tail lights of the car in front or at the patch of road right in front of you. This is much more important on a bike because you are unprotected and a bike takes more time and skill to stop than a car. Threats include garbage on the road.

5. Above all, dont be in a race to get in a race. It sounds obvious but the second you lose respect for the machine you will either have a close call or end up in ER. I my case it was just close calls, but on a 600 it might not have been so. Therefore, always respect the machine, their capabilities are way outside of our (noobs) abilities.

If this helps even one fellow novice, its been worth my time.
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