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Fritz Egli

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Hey BJ,whatever happened to this guy?In the early `80`s he would use engines from the Japanese big Four,build his own frames and fairings and paint them all red.(kinda like Bimota)

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Not totally sure of the history of this specialty bike maker but there were quite a few of these type of "one off" sporting machine designers in the late 70's and early 80's.

Too be honest, just like the invent of the 1980 GL1100 Interstate (factory full body work for serious touring), killed off the works of Craig Vetter, who made millions selling his various "touing fairings and hardbags" to "naked GoldWing" and other large standard bike owners, When the manufacture's started making there own "sport bikes", the independent's couldn't compete and faded away! :(

You do see the same thing today, except the market is for "very high end" special versions of factory race replica's. Bikes like the MV-Agusta at $19,000 dollars, come to mind!

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Seems like in the last year I read an article on him somewhere. I believe he is still around and still making one-offs. Not 100% sure though.

Ride the Pace,
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