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A Fresh Look at SportbikeWorld!!

As you may remember, SportbikeWorld was taken over by last
year. We have decided to keep the forums separate, so that the differences
in personalities and the independent homes won't be upset. We have
added some new features that all sites can share, including the eZine section.
We will be adding articles weekly, if not more often. If anyone
has writing skills and wants to become famous... let me know.

Any member of SportbikeWorld before October 15, 2003 can login into the
eSportbike forums using the following as your login. Newer members
will have to register separately if they wish to post there.

Login to eSportbike
at: - eSportbike

User your SportbikeWorld Username prefixed with "SBW-"

(example, if your Username is Gixxer, then you would use SBW-Gixxer)

User you SportbikeWorld Password
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