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The Zulu Motorcycle Club of Ohio is opening a chapter in Atlanta. All those interested please email Hotrod at [email protected] or KnightRyder [email protected]

A bit of History:

The Zulu Motorcycle Club is based in Ohio and is almost 50 years old. These are the people who host some of the floats during the New Orleans Marti Gras. I am in charge of setting up a chapter here in Atlanta.

The goal of the chapter is for African American men who enjoy riding motorcycles (of all types) to come together, have fun in an orderly and safe fashion and also who would like to perform community service projects in Atlanta's communities.

Again, I am starting this chapter from the ground up and if you know any who are interested, let me know.

red-lining it,

Note: I must state that this motorcycle club is in no way prejustice and hope that we do not offend anyone, whatsoever. We have gained the respect of many motorcycle clubs throughout America, of different races and creeds. We would like to bring African American males together to share something positive for the benefit of our Atlanta communities. hotrod
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