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Well, it started out as a typical Friday night. First the pizza place then out to the family fun center.I needed some practice with the nine, so figured I could kill two birds with one stone. I go to the range, and wife and kid go watch the indoor stuntbikers/skateboarders..I walked into the pro shop to buy an hour at the range, and I start looking around at what they have.. They had a GREAT selection of handguns, all makes and models, new and used, but one seemed to be calling my name...I walked over to the lower left hand side of the counter and looked down. I noticed a gun that looked kind of familiar , but couldn't place it. It was kind of hiding in the back of an unlit display case...I asked the salesman if I could take a look...Well, that was it!!As soon as I picked up that gun I KNEW it was for me. Turns out, I have pretty good taste in firearms, as the gun that grabbed my eye, was none other than a brand new, government issue, model 92FS,Beretta M9. What a SWEEET weapon!!!So perfectly balanced, it like a dream come true. Having grown up shooting NOTHING but revolvers, I never thought I could get worked up over an automatic. I do have, and carry, a S&W model 459, but it doesn't really "do" anything for me. It only holds sentimental value, as it was my dad's...Well, I went into the range, as planned, to shoot the guns that I had brought with me. I corrected some flaws I was having with the 459, and shot my .357, just for fun...That thing is absolutely amazing in it's own right..Talk about being dead on balls accurate!!! The guy next to me saw I was doing quite well with the revolver, and asked if we could swap guns...I got to shoot his .22 match pistol with an aimpoint scope!!That thing was absolutely SICK!!!Fired 5 rounds with a group the size of a nickel at 10 meters!!!That thing was as accurate as my Beeman airpistol.
I was having so much fun I lost all track of time...BTW, he let me try all his guns!!Well I had to pack it up and get back to my family at the arcade next door...Well, I couldn't resist...I asked to see the Beretta, just one more time, and couldn't put it down!!!Ended buying it at 9:45..Ain't life just Friggin sweet!!!Where else but in AMERICA, can you buy a handgun at quarter to 10, on a Friday night???I just love those instant background checks!!And if you're wondering, I AM going to sleep with it tonight!!...J/K...I absolutely cannot wait see how this thing shoots...The trigger is a REAL two stage, that fires both single AND double action.Well I guess I'll put down my 1/2 gallon of Smirnov, and get some sleep. ;)HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

...................Jimmy G.................................

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Be an MAN!! Polsish off that hooch, Stop being a wussy and go in the backyard and make some noise, Make sure you scream YEEEEHAAAWW!~! While you're shooting ... Take aim at some cats too! There hard to hit when you're tanked ...
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