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Well, I've been here a few days (daze?) and posted a bunch o' pix already, so mebbe I should introduce myself. Curtis G, aka StealthF2, on account of in a few weeks my twice-salvaged 94 Honda CBR600F2* will be a uniform matte black--just like the MV Agusta F4! ;) Sorta. Hey, it's only taken what, five years since I crashed it to get it back together? Well, it was together, but it wasn't painted. Enough of that.

Had my license since I was 18 or so (loooong time ago). Started with a Honda 50 at 13, shared a KE175 with my younger brother at 15, got a KZ400 (and my license) around 18, sold that off and eventually bought a CB125. Some years after I sold that, I bought a used (as a matter of fact, I've never owned a brand new bike) GPz1100. Oh, I think there was an XS650 Special before that. In 93 I bought a 79 CBX from my best friend. Man, what a sound. When it developed financially prohibitive problems in 94, I sold it and bought my newest and nicest bike, the salvaged and professionally repaired F2 (with pre-94 shocks, as it turned out). Holy mackerel--I've owned a few bikes.

Anyway, I get to ride press bikes, and I was waaaay impressed with the Ducati Monster 600. So I'll keep my F2 for track days, but I'm moving uptown very soon. My wife said I could. :D

*Y'ever notice how difficult it is to tell a non-motorcyclist what kind of bike you ride? You say "F2" and they say, "What's that?" Of course, when you say "A 1994 Honda Cee Bee Are Six Hundred Eff Two," they say, "What's that? A street bike?" (Of course, if you own an R1, you just point out at the street and say, "See all those bikes riding by? One of those.") :p
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