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Dad took me up flying in his plane a couple weekends ago.He has a home-built Vans RV-6(all aluminum,taildragger,fixed gear,low wing,2 place side by side,160hp Lycoming engine).He let me fly it and made me do a couple 360 degree turns without losing any altitude(tougher than it seems),we also did a few steep turns(wings vertical).Then he asked me if I wanted to do some strafing as we were over a lake with houseboats,of course I said yes.He didn`t go really low but about 150-200ft above the water and the GPS was indicating 184mph.The highest speed I`ve seen on the GPS was 232mph in level flight with a small tailwind.In june `85 I flew down to Minden,Nebraska with a friend in a Piper Tri-Pacer.On the way down,Harry said it is very important to look for other aircraft,so I was trying to be vigilant,I was also Harry`s navigator.So here I was looking at the map and looking at the ground for landmarks when I see a plane a couple hundred feet ahead of us.I yell "plane" and point,well Harry put us into a dive and a couple seconds later realize that,that was the plane we were following down to Minden.Harry vowed he would get even and I didn`t have long to wait.About three days later while coming back from a flyout,he purposely let one fuel tank run out of gas.I was starting to get worried when the engine started running rough and then quit,(its a strange feeling to see the prop stopped and you`re still 4000ft up)I looked at Harry and he started laughing.He selected the other tank and re-started the engine.Flying can be alot of fun.

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i think that strange feeling when the engine stopped at 4k ft was the poo-poo in your pants. :D

I got $3000 worth of flight lessons for my 16th birth day :D If you like flying you should go to EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh WI. It's a HUGE week long air show. 2 years ago I got a ride in a T6 warbird. All you have to do is ask the owner of a plane and they will be happy to take you up.

Kyle M. m/16 Noblesville,IN

If you're a poser and you know it, clap your hands.

"Big Dick's HARDCORE Road Racing School, where we drag more than our knees."
I would LOVE to fly... Anybody got a Tomcat
I can borrow... I wanna hit the grand canyon. :D (Not litterally)

I was thinking about getting an ulta light
for fun... I know I would love flying.

I really should be working...
A friend of mine from HS days is in the USAF. He was stationed at Luke AFB, near Phoenix for a few years way back around 1989-1990. A few days before he transferred to Guam, his buddies set him up for a trip in a 2 seater F-16. Him being a lowly Airman, this was something that was not easily done. As it turned out, he got a supersonic trip to the Grand Canyon and back, and he also got his "8-G Club" certificate. Needless to say when he told me about this his eyes were as wide as a kid at Christmas.


As far as my flying experience goes, ive always wanted to be a pilot, just havnt got the priorities yet or the time and money. But a friend of mine has his private pilots licence and weve gone up in a few 152 Cessnas. Now the 152 may be the tiniest Cessna still in regular use, but it is a very nimble aircraft, and i have to say, i dont question my friends piloting abilities, hes actually VERY good, but when you are pulling 2 G's in a tight bank, looking out your side window STRAIGHT down at the ground 3000 feet below, you start to question the aircrafts integrity..

What a rush!!!

Fear Oil.

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