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For those of you that attend the T.E.A.M. AZ or AZTrackday Track days at Firebird Int'l Raceway, and those who may be attending in the future, check out the track, in real-time!

We've just completed our "hot lap" video of Firebird East. Take a ride on a TZ250 for 2 laps of the 1.25 mile roadcourse. Lap times for these two videos are 1:07.75 and 1:07.40 respectively. Recorded Sunday morning, August 25, 2002, in the "Advanced" Red Group. Pilot is Dale Whelan, 1996 TZ250, CCS/AMA #116.

These videos could help immensely in your familiarity with the track. Click the url below, to the download page:

You can also get a very well laid out trackmap for referencing the videos. If anyone would like to use these videos on tehir website, we will grant full-use permission as long as you provide a link to our site. :)

Hope this helps everyone! (and be sure to check out my old "squideo" on the same page!

See you at the track!
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