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I've got a 2006 Honda crf 50 for sale. This bike is very quick and is in excellent condition. Here is a list of the mods.:
--Brand X minis 88cc big bore kit
--Two Bros spark enhancer
--Two Bros front and rear heavy duty springs
--Two Bros extended brake lever
--Two Bros black pegs
--BBR heavy duty peg bar
--BBR extended shift lever
--BBR tall seat
--Joker high mount bars with triple clamp
--FMF exhaust
--Red anodized 50 caliber heavy duty rims and spokes with mini moto street tires
--stock rims have dunlop 756 dirt tires
--50 stunt red anodized rear pegs
--50 stunt roller bar
There is over $2500 in this bike including the price of the bike. Just selling to mod. my big bikes some more. Asking $1300


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hey pm me ur number i work over at macomb.. i think i no a few guys that would be interested..

so yah hit me up..

Im Yaz.
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