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elodello said:
You may be perfectly in control of yourself going 120 in traffic, pulling wheelies, stoppies, whatever your skills allow. BUT when there are more people around than just you, YOU are not in control. There are 9 billion variables outside of you and your bike that you cannot control nor forsee. And if one of those variables affects your control, you might end up hurting yourself and a lot of other people.

THAT is why riding like you do is considered stupid. :eek:

Well said!

One more point...
As long as insurance companies don't differentiate between squids (you) and riders (me) I'll continue to have a problem with what you do. If you want to do wheelies, stoppies, etc. do me and everybody else a favor and don't register/insure your bike. That way when you total your bike (and you WILL) it won't affect my insurance rates.

Thank you.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts