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Ya I hear ya man!!

But I'm still tryin to figure out how to do a burnout??!! :confused: :confused:

Whatever that little sheep said is a damn lie !!
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I got a Trek mountain bike and a beautiful, chrome finished custom-built BMX bike - now that's flickability :D :D

I ride my bikes at least 5 times a week - great way to keep in shape.


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I usually ride my F4 everyday after work (if it doesn't rain) at least around town (about 10 miles of riding) when I'm a little tired. But yesterday, I thought about my health.. I haven't done a single exercise for almost a year, and I thought I was getting weak. So.. when I came home from work, I decided to ride my forgotten bicycle (a specialized mountain bike) instead of my F4... and man.. it felt different.

The moment I sat on it, I was like "Woooah I never thought this riding position was this radical! The steering's too sensitive... and man, it's so flickable!" I rode that same route i ride my motorcycle.... then I saw a police car on the other side of the road.. so I did a wheelieee! Yeeehaa!!... the cop was just looking at me.... hehe. Oh man... I'm gonna be riding my bicycle at least once a week now... it's almost as fun as my motorcycle. Plus, I'm sure I can use the leg strength I'd gain in my motorcycling adventures.

Try it sometimes if you still have a bicycle... you'd be surprised too!

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in silver/red color scheme
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I have a Raleigh M80 mountain bike that I ride to work once in a while. Usually I just run (12 mile roundtrip). Amazingly, even the seat on my gixxer is more comfortable than the bicycle.

I wouldn't be so paranoid if you all weren't out to get me.
I've got a Hutch Pro Raider gathering dust in the garage. My 32 year old body will have nothing to do with it!

'98 Superhawk
i chase after the icecream man, does that count? :)

I get my exercise on dirt bikes. I remember reading somewhere about bicycles causing impotence ;) Seriously, dirt bikes are a great way to work up a sweat and get a total body workout. Wrestling an XR350 around a track for a couple of hours beats going to a gym and fighting over the machines.

And no, chasing after the ice cream man does not count.

"For every action there is an equal and moronic overreaction."
Peter Egan
I regularly do some 12 ounce curls. :)

"You must be fast 'cuz I was haulin' ass when I passed you"

1999 Blue/White YZF-R1: 2 Bros. C4 exhaust, Dynojet jet kit, timing tricker, dyno-tuned by Graves
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mashuri:
I regularly do some 12 ounce curls. :)

Holy sh*t!!!! 12 ounces????

I can barely do 5. :D :D

I own a bicycle shop named BikeSport in Seattle. I hosted a venue for the "other"/(original??) Bike to Work Day in May. Good to hear of all you cyclists out there.

Bicycles and impotence--What a bunch of crap! The only reason motorcycles don't have "the threat of impotence" is Oprah hasn't latched onto them yet. Seriously, she had an idea for an upcoming show with the theme of "Why bicycles should be banned from the public street". The bike industry sent her a wave of email that shot that down in a hurry.

Anyway, Bikes or Motos, it is all two wheels and all good. It is about leaning into corners, ripping down hill, wheelies and stoppies.

Enjoy yourselves.

I have a Nashbar® 3000x Mountain bike in my garage almost as trick as my bike is (was). Anyway, I ride it all the time, and the new Specialized air/gas shox on the front ROCK!!! Riding is definitely fun, and a great way to "break laws" without consequences. :D ;D

Jogging is also a great way to strengthen legs/abs/ankles (yes,ankles). All of those help with riding.

Later on Bro!

2000 CBR600F4 -
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Spitfire, I think Mashuri is doing his curls with those new, progressive-resistance liquid filled weights. The more you exercise, the lighter they get! I have a Falcon English bike that my pop gave me when I was 13. He paid 210 dollars for it, which was a fortune back in 74. Not because he was rich, but because he wanted his son to have the best. Lightweight, ten speeds, toe clips, it was the fastest bike in the hood. I still pull it out & ride it every now & then, and think of the man who gave it to me, because he won't be giving me any more.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tristan:
I've got a Hutch Pro Raider gathering dust in the garage. My 32 year old body will have nothing to do with it!


i used to have a timmy judge series hutch. i sold for it gas money though (not joking).

anyway, i do tae-bo (just don't spell it) when i can. my health has hurt me a lot in that respect.

the guy i bought my fzr off of, does aerobics as well.


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im just too fat for a bike plus they dont have cup holders

They have the internet on computers now???
Squidwannabe, to burn out just get into some gravle(i cant spell) put it into 1st lean over the handle bars and start start cranking

Kyle M. m/15 cb350
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I love my mountain bike. :cool: I can do killer stoppies without worrying. :D Granted those bars ain't cheap at $50 :eek: but they ain't expensive either. :) Plus, if I wad it I'm only out $500. ;) I like it, because all the kids in the hood root me on and their parents don't think I'm a total dumb-ass. :) hey, JRM, do you remeber the Jazz, that's what I got. It's totally trick too. :cool: It's got a neon green(just like my triple) with neon orange splash paint job, with purple GT bars(I love straight bars). :p

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Yeah, I remember the Jazz. I see a ton of bikes and what is MOST important is that you like to ride whatever you have. In 24hrs I will be in Central Oregon with mine for a weeks vacation.

My current ride is a full suspension Giant XTC with a big ol' disc brake up front. It rocks, but the main reason I put the disc on was to make it look as cool as my CBR. Yes, I am practicing the stoppies on it. On the bike you can really see the fork twist with the single rotor--Yikes!

Riding a mountainbike is a good compliment to riding a sport bike. I just have to remember which one has horsepower and which one can jump curbs.

FYI--Switch your brake cables so they match your motorcycle (ie-right=front...)

For grins, motorcyclists should check out a bicycle magazine sometime and start counting how many ideas are being copied from the moto world.

I like riding my tricycle, pulling all my little dollies along behind in my bright, red wagon.
All the neighborhood children are jealous.

'00 CBR F4 (the faster, silver/red model)
"Objects in mirror no longer matter!"
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