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Thanks to thothscribe for this pic.


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Through many years of Scientific Research, Evolutionists' have come to the conclusion that it's an alphabetical naming convention. Which was arrived at by naming the lower species first and naming the higher more intelligent ones last.

1st we have Aprilia (Have to check on that one) LOL
2nd BMW (Although they were the first to develop Superior Performance Cars, they are Lacking in the Sport Bike Arena)
3rd Buell (Umm, no comment)
4th Ducati (The first to give any sense of beauty, undeniably the Female of the species)
5th Honda (The Winged one, Although they can fly, they can still be shot down!)
6th Kawasaki (It Took the Apes this long to develop :)
7th Suzuki (Geez, someone had to have the stupid name in the species)
8th Triumpth (Towards the end of Species development and maturity, scientists discovered a long lasting relic amongest the others)

And Finally, the Highest of the Species Class: Yamaha
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