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We are looking for 2 more people to make it a party of 16. Here's who we have so far:

Me, Clay
Bobby & Erin
Rob & Megan (from Clay's work)
Steve D & Kawie
Teresa & Emily
Steve M, Tina & Lori
My mom

That's 14. Anyone want to come out and play? Experienced players only please. This is for SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19th at 7:00pm, my house...directions will be given per PM request. $7.00 buy in and .25 per euchre (8 euchres average per game~Steve, you might want to bring dollars;)). Since this will be a 16 person game, I'm hoping to START at 7:00 since we will have 4 extra rounds. Winner takes home $112.00!

Any questions?

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