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End of season buying

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I was thinkin bout gettin a honda 2k cbr 600f4 at end of season and was wondering if u guys got any good deals gettin ur bikes at end of the season or do bike dealers not let up on price in general. If they dont budge from price (msrp price) i may just go for a mid 90's bike instead. Im probably gonna go this weekend to start checkin out local prices (ny) but any info on usual prices for these type of bikes would be appreciated.

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Magnum, not sure about your area, but the F4s are getting hard to come by. Honda has almost sold them out, so you may or may not have difficulty finding one.

As for a price, do a search in the Honda forum. That question has been covered lots in there. :) Good luck with whatever you choose.

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I went to visit some local honda dealers today. At one dealer, they only had 1 sportbike in stock, a superhawk. They only had 1 used sportbike in stock, a 98 cbr900rr. Theyre next shipment of F4's will be 2001 F4's, and that wont be for quite awhile. Unless your area has a plentiful supply of F4's, start searching now.

Central OH dealers have assloads... oops! I mean SHITloads of F4s and 929s and most anything else you want. Prime selling season has already come and gone, so I would be shopping now if I wasn't broke...

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My section of Indiana has a few F4's and at least one brand new R1 and CBR929. A couple of ZX12-R's and some others, too. The other day, I saw at least a half dozen new Honda Elite scooters!

I also heard the dealers have been getting a lot of business for replacement fairings/cowls this year.

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Like Tristan reported on central Ohio, northern Ohio has assloads of them as well.

I was able to get my bike for a nice chunk off of sticker just by shopping around over the phone and mentioning the other guy's pricing to the salespeople. Some just wouldn't budge off sticker, so I just moved on to the next number. I told them I was ready to buy, the cash was burning a hole in my pocket quickly, and what kind of price could they offer me to persuade me to make the trip out to them. And don't let the sales staff tell you the best way to get a price is to "come on out and sit down to talk about it".

A technique once used by my friend when purchasing his Ranger a couple of years back worked really well. He had some funds being held for him from a lawsuit his family won. The money was being held in trust until he turned 25, so when he wanted to buy a new reliable truck, he petitioned the court to allow him the money to purchase the truck before he was 25. The court said ok, so long as you bring back four written quotes from local Ford dealerships.

So one summer my friend and I went around to damn near every Ford dealer in Northern Ohio. And at each one, we approached a salesman, told him the deal, and told him exactly which truck my friend wanted down to the smallest accesory. Soon we had a stack of written quotes with us that we'd place out on the salesman's desk when we stopped in. Of course, he'd want to see the other quotes, and sure enough the prices just kept getting lower and lower. There were of course, one or two dealers who couldn't match the prices from the last guy, but at least they said so. In the end, he got the truck he wanted for almost $3500.00 less then the amount quoted from the first estimate we'd gotten.

Not too shabby, and he didn't have even one scrap of official looking documentation from the court.

I've always thought of using that. Could work for bikes, too.


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Yeah there is a bunch of honda dealers around here so hopefully there is good stock of bikes bad for them but good for me to try to get them down on prices :) Btw when do they start shipping the 01's to dealers? mid november or more towards early spring?

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