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Drag Racing Preperation?

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What do I need to do to run the 1/4 on my F4 at the local strip? Also, are there any road racing classes that I can enter my stock F4 in? Or do you have to get rid of all glass/blinkers/oil catch pan/ect. Any info will help.

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this should probably be in the club racer forum, but...

for our local drag strip you need to drill a nail or hook into the kill switch and connect it to yourself so if you wreck it shuts off the bike. you need a leather jacket, gloves and boots, jeans are okay (so i've been told).

for most track days you use your bike as is (until you get faster). just tape up the lights and get full leathers.

for racing, check with mra (isn't that the colo racing group). talk to speedphreak, he races in co. they seem like a cool group of racers. late apex, the yahoo club is also run by mra regulars. they can help w/ they're rules. i only know ccs's.


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my friends darren & fernando in denver race in the banimere series.. up to 120mph leather jacket, boots, helmet, gloves are all u need. street gear & kickstands are fine. over 120 u need full leathers. im not sure about pueblo but would think the rules are even less strict (u can do open track days on the road course in jeans :eek: )but im sure the racing is less organized (ie.. no sanctioned series). fernando by the way is/was in 1st in the street class last i talked to them. call pmi (pueblo motorsports park) for more info there & i think bandimere has a web site.


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SpeedPhreak: Is there a road coarse in Pueblo? I thought there was only a 1/4. I have raced motocross for about 10 years and every year we race at PMI more than once. My last two years have been in the pro class. I have sold my motocross bike and have now gotten my F4 and love it. Although, I do miss motocross, I just got burt out. I am having fun on the street so far...with the exception of my two friend's crashes in the last week.

I am going to try the 1/4 and contact the MRA to see what they have to offer. I already have full leathers/boots/gloves/helmet, so I am set for the rules you have stated.

Does anyone know what a 600 will run in the 1/4 so I can set some goals?

Phreak:Have you gotten your R6 yet?

nope on the r6.. soon... if there r any left.

i dont think the mra sactions drag races.. but check n e way.

yup. the 1/4 mile is the front straight to the road course at pmi.

No, I don't think the MRA does 1/4, I just want to try both.

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