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I'm going to be buying a 2000 Aprilia RS50 from my neighbor and it only has 1100 miles on it. He has put the 75 cc kit on it along with exhuast, sprocket, and a few other things. This will be my first bike and I have no experience, and it's in excellent condition.

He never drives it because he has two other cars (94 supra TT, and 98 gs400) even though this bike is not a 600cc+ it looks DAMN GOOD! And i think i'm getting a great deal on it

they cost $3,500 new, and i'm getting it for $2,000. plus it already has mods. It will be for street driving, even though since the mods it can go 80mph.

I don't think I can find a better bike, in better condition for the price.

btw it's Black/red:D
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