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Aight, I'm not Jack Handey from SNL. I hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes for posting this. If so than I appologize in advance.....

I come on here almost everynight to have a few laughs and try to answer a few questions. Mostly I write myself in as some smartass wanker who rides around like a twat all the time. Thats only part true. :D I'm a smartass who rides like a twat when its not posing danger to bystanders and such. I see so many new riders on here looking for stunt advice, and thats great I love to see this sport grow.

I've been called everything from Idiot,Retard,Jackass
[email protected]#!,Stuntard, you name it I've been called it. I really don't think most people see how much talent,skill, and effort go into stunting. It's not quite as simple as *roll on the gas and the bike pulls wheelies* It takes lots of practice. Yes its fun, yes it gets attention, but its not all fun and games. I've got Two pins and a disfunctional collarbone now from a crash. If anyone thinks I'm full of shit then I got the pictures from my shoulder reconstruction and I'm more than happy to show them.

To all the new guys and the old schoolers as well. Lifes a great thing. Have fun but be cool too, throw on some cow hides and a skid lid. I'd be rigor mortis right now so my thanks goes out to Bell and Shoei, both have saved my ass. Welcome to a stunters lifestyle, please except and understand all risks involved before attempting any tricks. Sorry if I offended or otherwise pissed anyone off. Thats just my 2 coins on the whole deal. Just asking everyone to ride smart and don't overstep your abilities. Thanks everyone.. be safe.
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