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this past sunday a pro-level racer w/the mra died.. on the last lap of the last race of the season.

don e. bruner #166... 29yrs old.. racing on a zx6r. i wasnt there but people have told me that there are about 150ft of skid marks leading up to a corner called the dragon slide.. a sharp right hander at the bottom of a long down hill straight.. he went straight off the track w/out even trying to turn.. equipment failure is to blame at this time... flight for life picked him up & flew him to denver where he either died there or on the way.. details are sketchy right now as ive been told by 2 different sources both close to him.. neither of who was at the race... for colorado riders/racers here is memorial/funeral info...

Funeral Services:
10:30 AM Friday at the Briarhurst Manor
404 Manitou
Manitou Springs

In place of flowers please donate to:

Don E. Bruner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wells Fargo
90 S. Cascade Ave.
Colorado Springs 80901-0400
Attention: Lea Roads

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Always sad to hear when someone is lost. Is there any sites to read (local paper, race) information about what happend.


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