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Any of you guys/gals going to Daytona for Biketoberfest (fall bike week) next week? MrsZX9R is going to be working down there all week so I am going to get down there for a couple of days and check it out. ZX9Pilot (George from Atlanta) and his ZX6R riding wife will be joining us.

If you haven't been, its a veritable squid fest. The riding sucks but its a riot ballbusting the h-d riders (all that noise for 40 hp, I just don't get it), watching the stunters going down speedway blvd (usually the star boyz) agitating the cops, tons of factory displays, tons of vendors (anything you could want to find), the horsepower dyno shootout, and everywhere you go, GIRLS GONE WILD :eek: . Its like mardis gras with bikes. The last few events, there has been a ton of sportbikes.

Besides, where else can I show off the bling-bling? Nobody sees it up in the mountains.....:D

Lemme know if anyone is going.

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