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Cruising, picking up girls, and the cops. (Story inside)

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So anywayz, tonight I go out to the local strip to cruise as I do every weekend, well I start riding with these other two guys (one was on a 600F and the other in a '00
ZX-6R) so we are trying to find girls and we finally do (they were really, really cute too) :) so we are talkin to them at one of the stop lights and then we take off and are messin around (nothing to serious) and I change lanes, speed up and get in front of the car I was behind and ask them to pull over, so the driver is like sure, follow us so we go down about 2 blocks and we follow them on to a side street as we pull up behind them another car pulls in behind us, I look at my buddy like what the #$^&?? So we dont know whats goin on and we pull up in front of the girls. Well, guess what? It was an under cover cop (2) So they are on us like flies on sh!t askin for our registration, insurance, licenses and we give them everything then they start askin us dumb questions like you know why we pulled you over? and Do you know how reckless you guys were being? Blah, Blah, Blah. But they were cool and I think they were gonna let us go when all of a sudden they got a call on their radio's and blew outta there like damn hurricane Andrew. Anywayz, here is my story and hope everyone enjoys it. Later. :D :D :D

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