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I'm not quite sure where to post this so here it goes...

I was driving home today (yes, I was a cager today). Doing 60+mph on a 45mph road heading Northbound on Rural Rd just passed Elliot. Some guy on a black ZX-12 (It has to be some AZ rider from this forum) passes me doing 70 or so. Out of no where I see red and blues kick on in my rearview mirror, I thought "Great! I'm gonna get a ticket." Police car passes me and goes after the bike. What happens next was kinda insane. The rider turns around acknowledges the presence of the officer and gives the cop the middle finger... next second the ZX-12 gunned it and was gone in a blink of the eye! The cop gave chase for a second then I see him turn off his lights and sirens, turns into a shopping plaza and parks it.

1) Directed at the rider: What the hell were you thinking you dumbass?!!?!
2) Nice Helmet.
3) Nice sounding exhaust from 1/4 mile away.
4) I'm sure if the cop didn't go after you he would have went after me... so Thanks for saving me a citation. ;)

Be Safe1
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