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Cool Guy

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Check out this guy:
:DThe dumb part is he's riding a Kawasaki! :p
I wouldn't be so paranoid if you all weren't out to get me.

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apparently, he really doesn't want to be on a Kawasaki ! :p

texas tornado #2
i'll give him credit for being able to do that but hell at least be halfway smart and wear some protective gear.. if anything a helmet.. doin a nice face plant doin about 30mph or so just doesnt sound too fun to me..but hey whatever floats your boat i guess lol

'99 gsxr 750 with some nice scratches on the left side oops lol
Never saw a aquid in Purple before. Says something about his sexuality, I think! ;) Seriously...what an a$$!!! Lil' ole pebble off the road implanted in his forehead would look even cooler than that stunt he's pullin'! :D

2000 CBR600F4 -
Lost to the Blacktop God. 4,699 miles in under 3 mos. $8,300 worth of damage to my one and only baby. On the brighter side: Can you say 929rr???
I dunno, I just can't get in to the standing
on the tank stuff or any variation of it.
Escpecially after seeing Gary Rothwell at
Pocono doing long wheelies and endos sitting
on the handlebars.

"If you spent more time worrying about you I wouldn't have to."
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