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In an attempt to attract more members to our club, as you secretary I have decided to market ourself's toward a frequently ignored market sector.

Sure, we have tried 'Expats' and we have tried 'Locals' .... but usually we are talking about MALES ...

So, here's the plan. We offer thongs ... cheap thoungs. Chicks love things that are cheap, and they love thongs ... so I can't see how it can fail. I'll place an order for 1000 tomorrow (mostly Yamaha logo cause it's cool ... and chicks love cool).

As for size I'll order local (read small) and expat (read it-looks-like-you-have-a-car-up-your-arse).

We will offer a return policy provided the thong has been worn at least once, and we will be making a little side spinner by selling these to sicko Japanese tourists ..... or to Boycie.

So ... pass the word around lads. We are a multisexual club from now onwards. :thumb: :thumb:

P.S I will be offering a fitting service should anyone be interested (no Boycie, I am talking about the chicks ....)


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