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My roommate is having some bike issues. I am trying to find someone who may be able to offer some advice to correct the problem.

Here's the short of it. Last Wednesday morning on the way to work, my gauges start flickering on and off, then about 10 miles later, the bike died. Got it home. Figured it was the battery as it is 5 years old. Put in a new battery. Rode the bike Sunday for about 10 miles. Did fine. Rode it to and from work Monday, 80 miles, and it did fine. Went to crank it this morning, very weak. I think it may be the rectifier/regulator, but not sure. Any way to tell for sure if it is that or the stator. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

We are planning to attend to the women's sportbike rally in a little over a week and hope to have this problem corrected by then.

Thank you in advance.
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