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As I reflect on a rather eventful summer of
riding, I take a personal inventory
of what I've accumulated in the last 5 months:

1.) 8,700 Miles
2.) 8 Tires
3.) 1 Front Brake Lever
4.) 2 Squashed Squirrels :(
5.) Lots of little black marks everywhere
I ride from the front wheel recontacting the
6.) 3 Tickets
7.) 23,235 Thumbs up from people who enjoy
8.) 5 Billion middle fingers from everyone else
9.) Nesba Bike #69 ;)
10.) 1 set of squashed headstem bearings
11.) Numerous new aquaintences
12.) 99 Zillion great memories.

All in all it was a blast. And there's still
a few good days left.

Anyone else?
I really should be working...

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Nice topic Chris!

1.) 5000 KM
2.) 4 Tires (1 FRONT 3 REAR :D)
3.) Darkend lungs from 3 rear tires :D
4.) Realized Ninja's can't go offroad (NO MATTER HOW SLOW YOU GO)
5.) Many personal records broken(longest wheelie, Highest stoppie)
6.) 1 new clutch
7.) 2 new footpegs (After grinding them for so long I had to replace them ;))
8.) met new 78 chicks!
9.) impressed thousands of young children
10.) 99 Zillion great memories (Plagarism :))

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well since riding season is kinda just starting here, I'll post what I have since May :D

1.5000 more miles (for a total of 14000 in just over a year)

2. 1 new set of tires and the valuable lesson that I've learned from having good tires.

3. The increase in my skill level that I felt and saw.

4. 1 ticket

5. about 55 zillion memories (I haven't gotten all my riding in though)

I'll come back to this after winter actually hits here (in January or February :D)

Will Darton

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Do I dare list these things?

here goes..

1) Bought the bike in February (my second sportbike, over 32K miles on first)

1a) 2 new tires, 2 new wheels, new exhaust, new front and rear suspension, new paint, new helmet, new gloves, i forget the rest...

2) got to ride with Will, (not sure if thids is good memory)

3) test and tuning

4) test and tuning

5) about 3000 miles, 2500 of which was REAL riding (bike was not a commuter)

6) test and tuning

7) totalled bike on oil at 65mph

8) the season isnt over and my 2001 ZX6R will be ordered in a few weeks (or sooner)

Fear Oil.

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In this order

a) a beautiful italian girl who loves to ride, loves me, and to whom I will probably get married

b) 1 front brake lever

c) all new blinkers and right side fairings (due to some idiot who decided he liked my lane better than his)

d) New competition exhaust can and Factory jet kit that gave me the ability to ride gas-tank wheelies (only in empty parking lots)

e) 2 tickets and numerous other pointless stops

f) A bunch of props for riding a sweet-a$$ bike

g) a bunch more middle fingers for no reason at all ;)

h) Many angry people because they know they could never be as cool as us

i) 4,799 miles and a new set of D207's

j) The ability to ride mile-long wheelies mastered the week before I totaled my baby

k) A wreck that totaled $8300 in damage on a $7500 machine :confused:

l) a ruined helmet

m) 44.5 zillion great memories and an addiction I'll never be able to shake

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Hey... Me too, Me too...

1) Only 5 grand more on the bike cuz I was in school/working 60 hours a week...

2) 2 tires toast... Waiting until next season for D207's

3) Organized a sportbike group and amassed over 60 members...

4) Organized a sportbike group and met over 60 guys!!! (

5) Worked the Super Bike Nationals and met many a great rider...

6) Attened my 2nd race school and turned the old MacAdams blue and blubbly...

7) Learned how to wheelie my machine...

8)Had no accidents...

9)And Sadly, last but not least, spent a good amount of time on the back of a 2001 Harley Electra Glide... I'm not converted, but it sure was fast for a touring pig...


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I was out of motorcycling for six years, then got back into it in a big way this year. Since June:

1) 1993 BMW R110R

2) 1985 Honda XR350

3) 2000 Honda XR100

4) 2000 Suzuki DR200E

5) 2000 Triumph Sprint RS

6) 1999 Ducati Monster 750

7) Two helmets and two riding suits for me, plus helmets and riding suits for the wife and son

8) One track day at the Streets of Willow Springs on the Monter 750

9) Many miles commuting to work and playing aorund on the back roads

10) One trip to Texas with the BMW and Triumph, where I failed to hook up with His_Suzuki and the other SBW gang, but did have a great time on the Triumph while a friend played around on the Beemer.

11) Upcoming riding schools and track days at the Streets of Willows and at Laguna Seca.

12) Gotta get the Beemer to Yosemite Valley before the snow line gets too low so I can get some pictures with Halfdome in the backgound.

13) And most important, got my wife and son hooked on motorcycling. Hence the six bikes.

Next year will probably bring three more bikes. Alan and Sue insist on getting track bikes of their own.

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1) 1 Duc
2) 1 brake lever for said Duc
3) found out how slow 140mph is when compaired to someone else doing 170mph 3 feet from you
4) 2 tires
5) 2 tickets only 1 bike related
6) taught my brother to ride (on a TL1000)
7) one girl looked at me!
8) pissed off countless cagers
9) Met you freakshows online!

If if if....
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I bought the R6 in December, since then I've:
<LI>Put 22,000 miles
<LI>One wreck into the back of a Saturn
<LI>Put frame sliders, steel braided lines, and steering damper on the bike
<LI>Learned to drag my knee
<LI>Learned to wheelie
<LI>Dragged the pipe while cornering
<LI>Made alot of new aquantences
<LI>101 Zillion memories
<LI>Still got plenty to do this year

Still have the rest of the year to go!!! Woo Hoo!!!! :D

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can i get in on this..

1. bought my bike in late april to join you fine folks in the realm of sportbiking. :D :D

2. bought it wit 2664 miles. now has 10300 so about 8.000miles.

3.learned to commute with my first bike.

4. hit the canyons. great spots in socal, the rocks, ortega, turnboil canyon, angeles crest, carbon canyon. :)

5. lay my bike down in minor wash out on some sand.

6. a couple of hundred bucks for factory stickers and paint.

7. gettin pulled over for sitting on the tank on the freeway by ociffer.. :D :D no ticket.

8. countless times i got into a corner too hot and trail breaked it.. staring at the *guardrail*.. *NO NO*..

9. new dunlop d207 rear

10. second lay down on freeway on ramp. lessoned learned. *pay attentioN*.. oops a girls number on the freeway.. dont ask me to explain how.

12. a million girls i waved 2.. hehe. :D :D

13. another million guys saying *good sh^t*

14. wheelies and endos.. *still working on some good ones* ;)

15. scott's steering damper

16. and yup. 99 jillion memories of my first riding season.. and 99more jillion to come. ;)

to come in near future.

1. racing leathers.

2. track day @ willowsprings

3. dunlop gp D207

4. suzuki sv 650

5. no longer daily rider (gixxer) :D :D :D

the goldenboy jos F

Some day, i'll ride like all the famed riders of today.. for i will be the rider of tommorrow.. :D:D, cuz as of today.. i have only three months of riding everyday experience under my n*tS.. :D:D

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0.was introduced to SBW!!

1. Got my FZR...first bike

2. Laid said FZR down 4 miles harm done.

3. Roomie takes FZR while I am gone and lays it over 5 miles later....harm done.

4. I get my FZR back from the shop 5 weeks after I bought it. I have still only put 9 miles on it.

5. Hide the keys from said roomie.

6. Buy riding jacket. Take her to work everyday.

7. 3000 miles later I still have kept the rubber side down.

8. A few chicks on the back and many great times.

9. Starting to get cold here in Missouri, but plan a few more good times before winter hits!

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1990 5.0 Mustang

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OK here it goes,

1-Went to DMV for bike permit ( failed )

2-went to DMV again for bike permit(failed again)

3-went to DMV again for bike permit(barely passed)

4-went to bike dealer to buy bike and helmet.

5-bike breaks down on the way home(loose battery cable)

6- lost left mirror (flying hubcab from toyota)the bike was a week old.

7- 1,600 miles in 2 months(bike had 8,400 miles, now 10,000)

8-bike had new tires when i bought it(same tires)

9-had conversation with CHP Officer for riding freeway with only a permit(shes was cute, got her phone number) :)

10-Joined SBW

11- joined Gotta-GO Sportbikes Club

12- hit a buck30 going to Palm Springs

13-Had a great 2 months of riding after a 10yr leave from the bike scene.

Future plans:

1-Yoshi Exhaust

2- Willow Springs

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since August 1999:
1) first brand new bike ever (and first bike in 4 years)...$7500
2) 2 new helmets, 4 pairs of gloves, 1 leather jacket, and 1 pair of boots...$1350
3) new left turn signal, fairing, clutch lever, exhaust pipe after a winter spill...$400
4) 3 girlfriends...$lots
5) 2 new tires...$300
6) 1 healthy respect for torque...$?
7) uncountable waves from fellow bikers...$?
8) realizing I have an unshakeable addicton (thanks, Brutha!): priceless :D

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Ok - guess it's my turn
1. 5000 miles
2. 1 set of pilot sports
3. 1 set of 207ZR's
4. 1 set of Michelin Race 3's
5. 1 set of 207 GP*'s
the answer is YES, only 5000 miles
6. at least 10 track days.
7. 1 set of bodywork
8. 1 set of fork tubes
9. 2 exhaust pipes
10. 2 sets of leathers
11. 1 new pair of gloves
12. New set of boots
13. 10 oil and filter changes(after every track day)
14. 1 thrashed helmet
15. NO speeding tickets - HAHA Chris :D
16. many of those skid marks Chris referred to from the wheel landing at close or above 100mph
17. too much little shit
18. One pissed off girlfriend because of my obsession
19. No diamond ring yet! (Help me!!)
20. Lost of missed work surfing here!
21. a few good memories
22. lots of great ones!

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