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I've done a lot of research and narrowed my next bike to either a honda 919 or a Honda superhawk. Riding position is radically different but other than that they both are torquey, light bikes that are liquid cooled. The Superhawk makes lousy mileage but that's no big deal.

My question is maintenance. Which is easier to work on as a do it yourselfer? Obviously you have to buy a power commander for the 919 but is FI less maintenance? I assume that there are more parts to break (FI brain, pump, more sensors) but you also don't have to mess with carb syncs and shims and jets.

Is the Twin layout easier to get into? Does that funky mono-backbone frame make 919 maintenance easier or harder? Right now I'm leaning towards being a big chicken and I'll buy the Superhawk and let other people figure out the quirks of the new for 2002 919.

Any opinions on the 919 vs. Superhawk appreciated.

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