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Copied from an e-mail from Jim Cassidy, the author of "A New Riders First Week" published in the July Issue of
Also posted in the "Southwest" forum

To all:

I'm attempting to organize two things: The first is a ride out of fellow SVer's (and anyone else who might want to join) on Saturday, August 11th, 2001. The ride I have planned will leave the Phoenix metro area in the morning, head up to Wickenburg and on to Prescott via Bagdad, Kirkland and Skull Valley. We'll then fuel our bodies and bikes in Prescott before heading back towards Wickenburg on highway 89.

The second thing I'm interested in organizing is an Arizona SV Rider's Club. I'm not sure how formal such a beast may be. It may just be a mailing list and a website for Arizona SV riders to organize group rides, or it may become more formal and require us to create T-Shirts. Who knows? I'm trying at this point to gauge interest in such an endeavor.

So, if you're interested in either the August 11th ride (which I explain further below) or in getting involved with an AZ SV Rider Club, or perhaps your just interested in other rides I may organize, drop me an email.

Here's the details about the ride:

We'd rendezvous somewhere in the Phoenix Metro area (or perhaps at two places if we're sufficiently dispersed around this concrete jungle) and head out towards Wickenburg, probably out Route 60. We'd then have some breakfast or perhaps a short break in Wickenburg, top off the gas tanks and head out route 93 to 97, and take that NE towards Bagdad. This is where the ride will become really fun, as the road becomes twisty and the weather gets nice and cool. We'd then hang a right on 96 and head towards Hillside. Following 96 further, we'd come into Kirkland and take county road 10 North to Skull Valley and on into Prescott. All of those roads are pleasantly twisty and unoccupied, even on a weekend. Returning out of Prescott, we'd head south on 89, which takes us almost directly back to Wickenburg, but does so in a deliciously curvy way. Once back in Wickenburg, we'd head back to the fun and games of Phoenix, where we can begin to embellish upon our adventure. Total mileage will be approx 280 - 300 miles, depending on where in Phoenix you start from. Trip time will depend on how often we stop and how long we spend in Prescott eating and doing whatever else. Figure at least 7 hours.

So, if you're interested in going on this ride, let me know, and let me know you're opinions on the following questions:

1. When do you want to leave? The later we leave, the warmer it is while we head to Wickenburg, but once we head off of 93, it'll be cool until we return from Prescott.

2. Do you prefer a really organized group ride, or a set of maps and rendezvous points along the way, so more experience riders can go quicker and we can all meet up at a few predefined places to share tall tales?

3. Would you like to volunteer to help me coordinate the ride on ride day. That is, if we go as an organized group, it'd be best to have a rider who is experienced with group riding bringing up the rear (or leading and I'd bring up the rear) to keep the group more cohesive.

Well, that's it. Let me know if you're interested in the ride or the club.


Jim Cassidy
[email protected]
2001 Red SVS
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