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Cage Mentality

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I'm really annoyed right now. I got into an e-mail discussion with a co-worker regarding riding motorcycles. Here's a little taste of her views:

If you want to race down the road at 60-70 mph virtually unprotected… weaving in and out of traffic that’s fine. But when you cause an accident, don’t complain to me about your headache… since I’m sure a helmet would have cramped your style too much…. When you hit a patch of dirt, gravel, sand or dust on the road and fall over sliding into other traffic, don’t complain to me about the way my SUV tires feel on your back.… When a bug flies into your eye and you hit the curb… don’t complain when the guy in the SUV behind you runs over your ass and doesn’t even feel it…. IT IS your personal right to put yourself in harms way, cause this is America after all, but don’t blame me and start going after my pocketbook when you get hurt. Had you been in an enclosed vehicle, the dust on the road probably wouldn’t have affected you, you wouldn’t be weaving in and out of places you don’t belong just because “you can”, and bugs wouldn’t fly in your eyes… AND you would have been required by LAW to have a seatbelt on, so even if you do wreck, you still would have been safe.

Geez. We've got a long way to go before we change the attitudes of these folks. Scary eh? Who gave her this opinion of motorcylists?

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What a witch! Tell her to get back on her broom, and fly outta town. She sounds like the kind that drives her Brand X Megahuge SUV in the left lane, 15mph under the speed limit, while the 43 children bounce around inside w/no seatbelts. She has the mandatory white stickers on the rear window. You know it usually says something like AMANDA - TROMBONE - GO COUGARS! And has the little picture of a music clef or something. Of course, she has the visor down and is applying makeup while simultaneously yakking on the cell phone. She gets mad when "one of those damn bikes" whizzes by. The "muffler noise" scares the children. What she won't admit is that the sound of my Yoshi pipe startled the sh*t out of her and (darn) refocused her attention on where it belongs: ON THE ROAD IN FRONT OF YOU. Just last week, I exited the highway onto the 2-lane service road (feeder road in some other parts of the USA). Of course, traffic is backed up for about 400 feet to the light. So, I slooowly creep (lane split) between the stalled traffic to get up to the light. This guy in a P.O.S. little Geo Metro (Matchbox Deathbox) actually sticks his arm out the window. Palm backwards, facing me, as in "stop, do not proceed". I had enough room between his fingertips and the car to his left to slide on by anyway. As a passed, he yells "what the f*ck do you thing you're doing?" I got up to the light and looked back at him and waved back at him. I resisted the urge to shoot him the bird. This is Texas, and most people are armed. What an ass.

Maybe it's because I ride a bike, but when I'm in my car and someone on a bike shoots past me, it doesn't upset me. As long as they don't cut me off, or force me off the road to avoid hitting them, well, good for you, pal! I wish I was on my bike to chase you! As a matter of fact, I've been buzzed a few times. Yeah, the pipe is louder when you're being passed than when you're on the bike, but a "good little scare" never hurt anyone. I say "pass them" "pass them quickly" "pass them in two gears lower then you need to be, just to wake them up". 85 mph in third oughtta do it. Cheers.

"You have some options to choose from: You can lead, you can follow, or you can get out of the way!"
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