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Welcome some input. What should I look for? Previous owner has less than 5k mi on this. Not sure if maint was performed regularly though, so engine could be worse off. How often do these bikes require valve adjustments, seals, hoses, etc? The bike's fuel line had cracked last I saw it and required replaced from it being old/brittle due to heat. Not sure brakes had ever been serviced or fork oil, etc. The tires were still OEM given production date and condition. How much is fair used market price? The case itself seemed to have build up/grime around the gasket lines...not sure if this is common of these bikes assuming the guy doesn't detail it often/keep it clean. He also mentioned a rough start from build up on his plugs ....said he wasn't red lining it enough to keep it clean. In fairness to the seller, he seemed very ignorant on overall cycle maint....just a joy rider who used it for comute to and from school campus the last couple of years.

What good/bad reputation do these bikes have? Is maint expensive or easy to DIY with basic 2 and 4 stroke knowledge? I've owned Kawa's and Harley's, this would be my first Italian.


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Well I personally would pass on that one unless it is a Really good deal. the excuse cuas I didn't redline it enough...sounds awfully suspect.....also the cracked fuel hose, worries my much older much more high milage (16k) 748 still ahs the origonal lines on it in good condition. Build up could any anythign from a bit of spilled oil to road grime that he hasn't cleaned off. The hard starts could just be a mal-adjusted throttle screw of soemthign in the EFI thats off.

The skinny on the 620...
Pro: Lowest seat hieght of the duc family good for shot men and women.
Pro: fun little engine, unique due to beigns small little twin.
Pro: makes good power for being a small bore air cooled twin.
Pro: easy as shit to work on, seriously monsters are about the easiest ducati and imho one hell of simple and intuitive biek to wrench on.

Con: you may want more power soon, I tired of my 750 rather quickly.
Con: in this case a scetchy history could leave you with big problems down the line or expensive shop work.

Now as you asked about servicing

I'm not 100 percent sure but I do believe with the 620 ducati lenthend the valve service to with the air ducs you may not even need to adjsut them that often but you will need to check...which on monster is actually pretty much cake.

belts every 12k or so
oil 2-3k
coolant 6k

you can do a valve job yourself quite easily....but having a duc dealorship near by will be great boon as you will need to get shims and possibly other parts.

is the M620 a good bike...yep, would i buy the one you are looking at? no...unless it's well below others prices, and you can afford the time to go over it and correct what might be wrong.

Look these things are more finicky and require more work then the japanese but working on ducati, and doing checks and adjustments on desmodromic valves is not black magic, patient,reading, and a good haynes manual, plus pro italia dvd will take you long way in maintian what I like to call a working mans ducati in your own garage.

good luck
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