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I've been riding for two and half years now and thought I was a pretty good (fast) rider in the twisties. But I've had this small problem of not having confidence in the bike's ability to lean way over....until now!!!

Went riding today and thought "Jerry, have confidence in yourself and in the bike." Well, I took turns faster, leaning the bike over more than I use to and it was the best ride I've ever had! I actually found it easier to ride and less tense than before! I call it a NEW BREAKTHROUGH. :D I can't wait to ride again!

I know there are those out there that were in the same position as me and I must say "Wow, it feels great, hope you someday make this same BIG STEP." And to those that are already there, you know what I'm talking about;)

Keep it safe, relax, and let 'er rip!!!

P.S. I think this breakthrough is often discovered people's first track day
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