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well well...boring old race that was.
At least even the moron commentators we get have stopeed the " never underestimate Valentino" bla bla.

Stoner is on the best tyres and fatsest bike and the boy's smooth style is unbeatable. Good on him. Bit boring to watch thou. He's just too good for the rest of em.

Hayden 3 podiums in 4 races ...way too late in the season thou.

And rossi down the field with Punit n Elias

Kinda reminds me of the Dohan Criville years. Mick would get to the front and that would be that.
Hope the post race testing gets the rest of the bikes up to speed. That bloody Duc is a rocket ship compared.

PS you really should go and download the Ulster GP and Mid Antrim 150 if you wanna see Cam Donald in action!!!!
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