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July 9, 2002

Freddie Spencer School forms alliance with Pacific Track Time

"Learn from the best, ride with the best"

Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School, the world's premier instructional school for road riders and racers, announced today a strategic association with Pacific Track Time, an upscale provider of track day events on the West Coast of the United States. The association was formed to provide an upscale safe and professional environment for Spencer School graduates to practice skills learned at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, while giving Pacific Track Time a "next step" direction for riders seeking professional instruction.

Freddie emphasizes at the school that when learning new skills at any
level it is important to continually practice the skill until it becomes
second nature. Freddie feels that Pacific Track Time offers a great
riding experience in a nice controlled environment for riders to improve
their skills.

Todd Robinson, Sales Director of Pacific Track Time, states, "When organizing and executing professional track day events we quickly realized that it only takes a couple days for some riders to potentially start building and then reinforcing bad habits on the track". He continues "While we have a riding staff to help riders become oriented to the track and work on safety basics, we feel it's a disservice to riders to have them continue to ride track days without encouraging them to seek out higher levels of instruction...and there's no better place to put someone than in the hands of a master teacher like Freddie Spencer".

During Pacific Track Time's regular season, Spencer School instructors will be attending selected events as guest instructors and bring a taste of Freddie Spencer's High Performance Riding School to a larger audience by with lunchtime introductory seminars. Spencer School graduates and Pacific Track Time Frequent Riders will also receive discounted admission to each other's respective event dates.

More information on Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School can be found at or by calling (702) 643-1099. More information on Pacific Track Time can be found at, by calling (877) 809-2170, or by visiting Pacific Track Time's booths at Laguna Seca WSBK or the West Coast IMS Motorcycle Shows.
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