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My Book Suggestion of the Week, the Bigbies by Tommy Sorrow

Shhhh ! Don’t tell anyone I’ve cheated on my Lord of the rings books ! When I was finished reading them I had nothing to read until…the BIGBIES !!! :p I’ve just finished the Bigbies Against the World and I thought it may be a good idea to suggest it to some people out there because i truly enjoyed the plot, the characters…everything. The author of this book is Tommy Sorrow and he created mystegrams !! If you don’t know what this is, check out his website I love the characters of his book and my favorite are Anemone because she is so evil spirited and Moogwaïïïïïïïï the alien with the three eyes!! I also love stuart and Donna they make a great couple and the end is EPIC :love:

From the Bigbies official website, the story :

The Bigbies Against the World tells the story of a strange family living in a manor. However, the Bigbies are definitely not the kind of family you would expect to have as neighbors; the Bigbies are martians creatures trying to lead a life as normal as possible in a small town named Micyville. Although their trip to Earth could have been a vacation, the Bigbies have been sent to work, find a dangerous chest and fight the pale beings.

Archibald, the father, will quickly get sick while Victoria, the devoted mother, will try to keep the family united. Anemone, the evil daughter, is possessed by a curse and Stuart, the son, will desperately fall in love with Donna, the most famous actress on the island crushed by the pressure of her own fame. The Bigbies will have to fight for justice and be friends with Humans for better...or for worse.

this is the first book ever written with mystegrams according to the author !! :eek:

I bought my paperback copy of the book here : :squid:

but I’ve heard it is also available on Amazon for kindle here :


Read the book now so I can see if you have found the 12 mystegrams, be careful they are well hidden !!!! Post the mystegrams below if you found them even though it’s kinda hard :eek: :eek: :dunno:
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