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Bold Cage Drivers

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I had an interesting experience this morning in my car and wondered if any of you have had this happen when riding. I was going to the park-and-ride where I do everyday so I can catch the bus to work. Anyway I park my car I this pickup pulls in about 6 inches from my new Focus and the guy gets out. He walks around the front of my car just staring me down. I crack my window a little and say, "Can I help you". The guy the preceeds to say, "Do you have to work hard to be such an a**hole. I respond with "Excuse me". He then said, "You drive like an a**hole. Then he got back in his truck and sped off. I really don't know what I did to get this guy so upset. I remeber passing him to get in front of him, but buy no means did I cut him off. Funny thing is that I drive and ride somewhat aggressive but not reckless or inconsiderate. I have never even had a ticket. I started thinking what about what I would have done if I had had been on my ride. Anybody ever had this happen to them. Seems like a pretty bold move to me given this day and age. Thanks for letting me rant, I feel better now.


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Thanks for letting you rant? It's not like you
asked first... :D

This thread really belongs in that chat forum
but that's not my responsibilty so what the
hell I have a related story...

Many years ago I was in the parking lot where
myself and all my friends would hang out and
get into trouble. There was a kid there with
a Dodge Challenger (I think it was a Dodge,
this was a looooonnng time ago). Anyway the
kid is just sitting there leaning up against
his car when this gorilla of a dude walks up
to him and asks, "Is this your car?" The
kid replied "Yeah it is".. with a smile expecting
compliments. Well don't you know it, gorilla
boy hauls off and wails the kid in the face,
breaks his nose.. blood everywhere. I'm
standing there in awe, I must have missed
something. Waddya gonna do.. the guy was
obviously pissed but beating the hell out of
someone??? Whatever...

I've got what it takes to take what you've got.

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