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hello all,
its been a while but the old dear has been over for a while to give me some advanced therapy (loads of bloody gym and pool work) on the dodgy knee. results are that as of my hospital visit yesterday i'm now allowed to throw away the walking aids and gambol away like a spring lamb!!!!! fat bloody chance of that for a few weeks cos its wonky as a bar stool at the moment, so just taking it easy!

will be fit though to come and watch the endurance race, and will be there at the gp with my beloved and a couple of friends. I've got a settlement on the tls of the ins comp, so i can now afford to buy tickets, but i'll also be trying to blag a couple of backstage passes to both events off one of you lovley people!!!

i'll be stopping at the concorde kl for the gp as i get free entry and 20% discount off everything in the hard rock.

so if anyone needs a spanner man ( i got a tool box) give me a shout

see you all there

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