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I just got this info from and I thought most of you that are going to biketoberfest would like to know about this.

It reminds me of the "Rice Paddy", anyone remember that from Bike Week 2001???

It is being presented by Sportbike Xtreme magazine.

*****************Beginning of post*************

***Biketoberfest Event for Sportbikes***
Thats right folks, finally have somewhere to hang with out getting spit on by local popo

Name - Sportbike SuperFest
Place - Daytona beach Municipal Stadium (2 miles down LPGA blvd)
Time - Oct. 19th (Saturday) 11am to midnight.
Misc - EMS will be there on duty the whole time.
We should have a few Vendors, and other attractions.

So with 2 weeks left, now all there is to do is just get the WORD out. SO tell everyone!!!!!

Speede Safe

R1fast(Glen Castle) call for more details 863-581-6386


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