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this is a different kind of down than the usual!!!!!!!!!!!

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damm it there is a ride thread i need to check,what happened?
Whats up with duess changing his handel to drizzel?

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Smokes35 said:
This is fawkin redonkulous--- not only is the site slow as mollasses in a deep freeze, now the account is suspended...

BPN sucks.
Smokes loves to create teh drama...:p

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wratchit said:
so anyone hitting up brewskis??????? No BPN makes me thirsty.

I'm headed to Bahama Breeze with the boss. I tend to drink a lot there :) Will probably end up a little too inebriated to drive down there.

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They shut us down because we were too active. We've been having problems with activity for quite some time and MH9 and myself haven't come up with an understanding yet.

Sorry all. We will be back up in a few days. :crying: :(

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